Car Rental Solution

Unreturned or stolen cars can be a serious issue for car-rental companies. Seven Stars Services 7SS™ offers a reasonable and suitable way to reduce costs. The product can be removed from a car and reinstalled in another through ours engineers. These will seriously reduce the initial investment. 7SS™ system real-time GPS tracking can start, and the vehicle can be located. The product also features the possibility of defining a restricted zone a very useful function for car-rental companies, 7SS™ solutions allowing them to quickly recover customers and stolen cars before to reach the restricted zone by alerts to their emails or/and SMS.

7SS™ Services is used by hundreds car rental companies to provide service level and reduce cost and risk. Track and manage your rental car fleet.

Car rental solve their problems with 7SS™ solutions

  • Need to quickly find the car with the breakdown of car.
  • Need to recover stolen cars, and stop.
  • Need to know where your cars before is to exit the borders.
  • Need to reduce the costs and risks associated with speeding.
  • No need to know whether the car will be returned on time .
  • Get suitable Vehicle Tracking device with 7SS™ solutions
  • Sign up for 7SS™ solutions application
  • Install tracker with 7SS™ solutions in your fleet vehicle.
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Fleet Alerts


    Remote Real-Time Monitoring

  • See your fleet's activity in real-time no matter where you are
  • Monitor detailed information on your crews
  • Dispatch the closest vehicle to an address, landmark, or another vehicle in the field and communicate thru 2-way messaging via a Garmin
  • Keep Your driver Safe

  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with precise location data, dispatch, and effective communication
  • Make sure crews are not working excessive hours and over exhausting themselves, which could be dangerous
  • Driver behavior monitor driving habits such as speeding, excessive idling, unauthorized usage, and harsh breaking and fast acceleration
  • Recover stolen vehicles and assets quickly and easily.
  • Increase Productivity

  • Shorten response times by deploying the nearest vehicle.
  • Eliminate location status calls to drivers.
  • Increase your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet.
  • Knowing the real time status of every vehicle at all times.
  • Improve Customer Service

  • Quick response times.
  • Proof of services rendered.
  • Accurate delivery times.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Keep up with vehicle maintenance.
  • Stay current with registration and tags.
  • Potentially reduce insurance costs.
  • Maintenance Alerts.
  • remind you of renewing registrations.
  • Increase Fleet Security & Safety

  • A fuel outage.
  • Emergency service needed.
  • A vehicle gets stolen.


  • Main Power Battery Failure
  • Backup Battery Failure
  • Ignition Status
  • Add-On Sensor Integration
  • Circuit Temperature over heating (Option)
  • Engine/Fuel Control (Option).
  • Fuel Level Monitoring (Option).
  • Base Station (Self-Monitoring).
  • Positions on Call.
  • Secured Geo-Fencing
  • Customized Geo-Fencing
  • Driver Behaviors Alerts (speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and idling) .
  • Door Status (Option).
  • POI (Point Of Interested).
  • Web Access
  • 24/7 Call Center Support and services
  • Daily Device Response and reports
  • Two Way Voice communication
  • Fatigue alerts

Fleet Alerts

  • Geofence Alert : Generated whenever a vehicle enters a restricted area or leaves the perimeter of a location or boundary you have specified.
  • Speeding Alert : Generated if the vehicle travels at a speed higher than your specified limit.
  • Towing Alert : Generated whenever movement is shown for the vehicle but the ignition is off.
  • Ignition on Alert: An alert is generated whenever the ignition is turned on.
  • Fleet Tracking Alerts
  • Theft Recovery Alert
  • Idle Alert:  If vehicles are idling longer than a user defined threshold
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alert:  If the vehicle is due for service.